Hello there, everyone


Ah, I did do that didn't I? I totally forgot. I could maybe reenable that old address.

And thanks!


Have you been getting the G+ messages?


@albionsrefuge Huh...no, I haven't. I'm not sure I'm even a member of the group on G+. Am I? I think I was at one point.


I can see you there.


@albionsrefuge: odd! Here's a screenshot of what I'm seeing on G+.

Which account is it that you see in there? Does it has the profile picture that is above? ^


It's this one:


Oh gosh. That is a picture from four years ago -- can only assume it's an old account.. Hmm, I'll try to find and log-in to it..


I just sent the new you an invite.


You did, indeed. I should delete that old me. Not sure its email though. Thank you Judy!


No problem, glad you're back!


Ah me too! Good to be "home" :wink:


Good to see you again Jacob! Hope you've been well :smiley: The new moderator features are actually really good to use, compared to the old ones anyway. I'm sure @alexcommunitymgr can make sure you've got all the right permissions again, the Staff community has a couple of interesting discussions for you to read when you have access to them :slight_smile:


Heya, Alex! Long time no see. Hope you've been well...as well :wink:

Cool. We'll see if the permissions are reassigned -- I'd love to get caught back up.

Thanks for replying, friend :slight_smile:


Awesome to have you here again!

Would you be able to also introduce yourself in our introduce yourself thread?

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
-Codecademy Community Manager


p.s. you should have your powers restored!! :zap:


Yep. I'll write an intro there as well - and thank you!


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am noah... new student.