Hello, please take a look at this code snippet, does the -= means <= and the += , >=?

let price = 10.5;
let day = "Monday";

day === "Monday" ? price -= 1.5 : price += 1.5;

You code is a version of the if gate.

-= and += are both operators.

-= subtracts from a value and += adds to a value, they are both shortcuts to save typing time. To give an example, lets set up two values:

let number = 5;
let second_number = 7;

Now the following two line are equivalent:

number = number + second_number;

number += second_number;

If you are wondering how these apply to the if gate I suggest reviewing this lesson Ternary Operators

You can also see more about -= and += at:
Addition operator
Subtraction operators

Please remember that you can use documentation like MDN to find out how to use elements such as these. This will help you grow as a coder. :grinning:

Happy coding @wilfriedpiwo35277140!! :grinning:

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Hello @wilfriedpiwo35277140, as @8-bitgaming explained, the -= and += are addition and subtraction operators. (There is also *= and /= which are for multiplication and division respectively). What about >= and <=? Well, these are a form of equality operators, just like ===, >, <, except they do different things:

=== //Checks if two things are equal:
if (1 ==== 1) {
console.log("1");//"1" appears

> //Checks if the left object is greater than the right object:
if (2 > 1){
console.log("2");//"2" appears, as it is greater than 1

< //Opposite as the one above (less than):
if (1 < 2){
console.log("1")//"1" appears as it is less than 2

<= //Less than or equal to; checks in the left object is less than, or 
//equal to, the object on the right:
if (1 <= 2){
console.log("2");//2 appears because 1 is less than or equal to two
if (2 <= 2){
console.log("2");//"2" also appears, because two is equal to two 
//(less than OR equal to)

>= //Same as above, except greater than or equal to:
if (3 >= 2){
console.log("2");//2 appears because 3 is greater than or equal to two
if (3 >= 3){
console.log("2");//"2" also appears, because three is equal to three 
//(greater than OR equal to)

I hope this helps!
Happy coding!

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hi, thanks for your response. i remenber learned this in the ternary operators course. :sweat_smile:

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