Hello, learning to get back into technical shape

Hi, I thought I was technical… but web development got a lot harder and I knew I had to get back to school to relearn and be able to do my job.

Looking to codecademy to help me gain confidence in development and the ability to learn some technical stuff with feedback (from the forums or the editor, itself).

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Well welcome to Codecademy! If you have any questions about the courses, this is the place to ask, and the main people to ask are (in my opinion the best, no offence to anyone else…):

  • zystvan (Zeke) - Moderator
  • stetim94 - Moderator
  • zainabrawat
    Of course there are more, but these are the three that come to mind when I think of the best.

I know a little, so I’m a last resort, but I’m always willing to help also.

Enjoy your time on Codecademy!