Hello from Europe

Hello everyone I am Alex(Ari), data scientist (AI + ML) working in an R&D lab at a Research Institute in Europe.
I have a BSc in Computer Science, MSc in Software Engineering and MBA, have worked at Academia and Business. I am currently working as a data scientist with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, currently working on various R&D projects in the field of gaming, ICT in general and Medicine and Health Care. Currently live + work in Hamburg Germany, but I lived and worked all across Europe so I am European Citizen the most.

I am also a gamer and a I support open source FLOSS (Free\Libre Open Source Software) and Open Data sharing, I have being using Linux for 10+ years, I have used all major Linux Distribution from the post popular linux distro family, using Fedora Workstation at the moment. Using also custom linux OS router (OpenWRT), custom linux NAS and custom linux smart IOT for home devices for security and various custom linux devices for data security, most of my custom security is based on trained AI+ML tech and I very much understand the value of data sharing and open data set sharing as well.
For AI+ML I use R, Python, Java mainly and various bash / command line scripts for the IoT Devices.

I joined this group because I am very much a data scientist and open data geek and open minded about latest tech, community came highly recommended so I hope to exchange ideas in relation to Coding. (have not used Windows since Windows XP, before Windows Vista+7, not up to date on windows 10 or 11, I have used Mac and used if from time to time mostly due to work friends and GF using them) Sadly if this is Windows only group say now so I will be more then happy to leave cause I am the last person who knows anything about the latest Windows OS.

CodeAcademy is wonderful, even with my BSc and MSc in SE I find the tutorials very useful and I recommend the platform to anyone who wants to learn Coding, great job CodeAcademy

So nice to meet you all and I hope to enjoy the community here. Knowledge is for sharing with everyone

Edit: apology for English not being my native language (I had lots of comments about it in other forums)

Regards, Alex

Welcome, @astraadria4ari! I am glad you are continuing your learning with Codecademy. It’s truly a great platform and a wonderful community. Glad you are here!