Hello coders!


My name is Ash and i’m based in Cornwall, UK. I am a photographer by trade however over the last couple of years i have co-founded an independent website called wowii (www.wowii.co.uk) which I am now director of.

Our website allows users to compare availability, reviews, ratings and live conversation around there favourite films and TV Shows. We created the site because we’re big film geeks and it was driving us mad having to hop around from streaming providers and review sources to try and find something to watch! It’s early days for us and we are only a three man team but it’s great fun and I like to think that people are finding our service useful!

I’m looking to learn how to code myself so that I can communicate with my developers more eloquently and also hopefully become more ‘hands on’ with dev myself.

I’m currently focusing on learning the basics of html and CSS however I would eventually like to learn how to create OS and Android Apps.

I must say, this service is fantastic. I’m very impressed at how much I’ve learnt after just one day!

Nice to meet you all! Wish me luck!