Hello all!

My name is Lauren, and I have recently started the web development path. I’m super excited to be studying code again!

My first encounters with HTML and CSS was back when Quizilla (for those who remember) was popular (and not owned by TeenNick). I used to customize layouts for other users’ quizzes and fan fiction stories by the username of KHrikusGF. Ahh, those were the days.

I think my overall goal with this is to help new businesses establish a presence on the web with a look that they can feel good about. It would eventually be nice to make my own website as well once I decide on what I would like the content to be. Currently, I would say that I am torn between a blog reviewing local restaurants, counseling services (if and when I gain the appropriate certs), or a travel guide for Japanese tourists coming to the US (since I have some Japanese knowledge).

Who knows what will happen though! For now, I am quite happy with getting to learn new things. Let’s see where this goes!

Greetings Lauren!

I am just as excited to learn the web development path myself. I have loads of ideas that I would like to perform for personal use. Once my skills are adequate and have a firm grasp of coding in different languages, I am looking forward to showing off to the big shots on what I can do. I have a design for a website I want to get out there, but I am willing to take the time to learn everything I need to execute this very well. I am wanting to release a comic soon and the construction of the website will be first before I do anything else.

I wish you well on your endeavors, Lauren!