im stuck on navagation 1 on making your own website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What are you stuck with?


i tried doing code aswell it says i need 3 li elements or somthing or like a second UL veryconfusing


I can see how it would be confusing if you don't understand what a ul or an li element are!

ul elements are unordered lists, they look like this:



Notice how the ul element has both and opening and a closing tag.

That is a very boring, empty list. It would be more interesting if it has something items. We call these things list items and they look like this:

<li>Some text goes here</li>

Notice how the li element has both an opening and a closing tag.

Now to really make a list, we can put some list items in our unordered list, like this:

    <li>the first item</li>
    <li>the second item</li>

Are you still with me?

Are you able to read the instructions and the task for this exercise and understand what it is saying now?