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on 26/26 on Css: An overview I keep getting an error code saying...Did you remember to set your link's text decoration to none;?


... So... Did you forget to se the links text decoration to none?

When you post a question about a topic, the best etiquette is to add your code, as well as the Error you're receiving to help us help you.


here is my code:
a {
text-decoration: none;
color: #cc0000;


In the index.html tab, could you post what the link text you have?
It should look a little like
<a href="https://www.codecademy.com/">ERRMERRGERRRRD</a>


this is everything:

watch free videos here


my bad I put everything here is what you need:
watch free videos here



watch free videos herethat is it


Haha put four empty spaces in front of your code

will change it from looking like


to this

<a href="http://discuss.codecademy.com/t/heeeeeellllllppppp-mmmmeeeee-pppllllleeeeaaasssseeee/4279/5">Herro</a>

<a href="www.youtube.com>watch free videos here"</a>

<a href="www.youtube.com>watch free videos here"</a>

change that to this

<a href="www.youtube.com">watch free videos here</a>


I actually put that in the code but I just wrote it wrong


I can't for the life of me figure out where you went wrong. The only suggestion I have is to close your browser, and reopen it to try again. I can't tell if it's something you've done, or something wrong with the code.