Hi everybody,
I need your help! I didn’t come to codeacademy for 20 days and now I turn back and I see that all my work disapeared! They tell me to begin the lesson but I was at 80% of the HTML course! :flushed: do you have an idea of what to do ?? Thank you!

This was announced in as much possible ways that the course was going to get an updated and that progressed would be affected

You will have to start again, the good thing is the new course contains new content (more html5 and css3)


Oh…ok :frowning: thank you, but each time there will be an uptade we will have to begin again ?

Well an update will bring in the current and modern “best practices” of coding, also your projects will have more relevant designs and visuals

Not very likely, and if its the case, it will be announced months before (just like this was) so you can make backup of whatever code you have in the lesson which is valuable to you


Yes I think it’s good, it’s just the idea of all do again to arrive at the part I didn’t done yet :sweat_smile:

Yes, ok, I didn’t notice it :sweat_smile: thank you!