Heavy English

Hello developers.
Sorry, I don’t sure that I choosed a true place, but I will write it here. :slight_smile:
Sorry for my English.
A little about me. I’m begginer programmer from non-English speaking country. I study programming and English currently, but I understand it a badly yet.
Some exercises is heavy to translation for me. I can to understand simple concepts but some methods confused me D:
For example: I can’t to understand what is “yield” in Ruby, how do object-orientation construct, how is some methods working. Explanation in Q&A Forum don’t really help me. There are many helpers who speaks is unclear.

Please, understand me and make your exersice more … translation, readable and simple. I will try to learn your explanation of lesson. I really like this site.

I don’t know that maybe lessons is very easy and I am so stupid or something else.
But sometimes I feel something it:

Thank you very much for your attention.

Maybe if you are comfortable doing so, you could reveal the language that you are fluent in. That way if there is someone else who speaks it too, and they happen to read this, they will be able to help.


Usually there are a few speakers who talk on my language here. If I will write questions on my language then I will not to get answers.

This is an English language site, to begin with. If the language is an issue, then it is up to the learner to address it, not the community or course authors. The last thing we need is to turn this into a Tower of Babel. So many of the questions are indiscernable that helpers are left guessing at what the problem is, and only deepen the problem in attempting to help solve it.

I am old school. We didn’t even know what ‘entitlement’ was back then but now every Tom, ■■■■ and Harry seem to think they are more special and entitled than everyone else. Sorry, I’m not buying it. Dig in your heels like the rest of us or take the blame for your own failure.

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I don’t require that you will explain me these lessons or remake it. I pay attetion to developers try to make more simple explanation. Maybe without intricate sentences and difficult turnover.
mtf, you’re cool but I simply suggest my idea for more easy learning.
I don’t make excuses.