Heart Disease Research Part II - Further Exploration

Heart Disease Research Part II - Further Exploration Solution

Hello, World

I have completed this task with solution in the further exploration section for your reference.
Here is the list of investigations:

  • Investigate the association between sex and heart disease.
  • Investigate the association between patient experiencing exercise-induced angina and heart disease.
  • Investigate the association between patient’s fasting blood sugar and heart disease.

Since all of these investigations involve two categorical variables, only Chi-Square test is implemented.

Happy Coding!


Congrats on completing the project!

Is there an notebook file for this project? I say this bc it looks like you put a lot of work into this but we can’t see the output from the calculations and functions or plots.
If you have a Jupyter (or Colab) notebook it would be great to see that (push that to your GH repo) so others could see the output from the stats tests and data visualizations.

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Hi lisalisaj,

Here is the github repository of this project.

Thank you for the feedback.


Cool. I’ll take a look.

remind me again where this data came from? Kaggle or UC Irvine? Where is this in the DS path? I’m drawing a blank. :thinking:

Is it this dataset?

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Hi lisalisaj

Here is the link to the dataset. I think it could be the same data. Take a look.

I have obtained the data from the Mastering Statistics YouTube Video that is right after the assignment.
Here is the link.

Here is the source of the data from Codecademy.

Hope it helps!


Hi everybody! Can anyone check my Project as a reviewer? Here is my GitHub repo. Heart_disease_tests

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