Headers vs Paragraphs


Hello there code masters!
I recently started learning to code in the "About You" section. I learned how to use a header on the first lesson. Now on the next lesson, they said that I must use paragraphs if I want to type a paragraph. But even if I used a header element, the paragraph I wrote still appears so what would happen if I use < h 1 > instead of < p 1 >? Would there be any consequences?

Thank you!!


Hi, yes, when you use paragraph without header, it still appears. However, it's better to add one because it stored additional information of your html document. <p1> doesn't exist (only <p> for paragraph exist) by the way. <h1> is different of <p>. This element sets the content in a title formatting (the content have a larger font-size and is automatically bold) while the <p> is defined for normal paragraph.


Thank you very much!! Hope you have a great day!