I am confused about the <head> things.How am I supposed to do them?


put is simple like this: html is divided into 2 parts, <head> and <body>
whatever show in the browser window is whatever you put inside the <body>
whatever else will be in the<head> such as title, scripts (javascript, php, etc.).

Whatever you have in your <head> will decide what will you have that doesn't/might not shown literally in your <body>


The element is there for the heading of your website:



The <head> tag page on MDN:

The <head> goes in the HTML document below the opening <html> tag, and ends before the opening <body> tag;

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <head> <!-- Here -->

The tags that go inside the <head> are linking tags and informational tags. These are; <title>,<base>,<style><meta>,<script> and <noscript>


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