<head> tags in html function


I wanted to ask a simple question. Maybe to simple for all of you amazing people but what can we do other than adding title tag in there? thank you


link to external stylesheet, link to JS file, information about the website for search engine, other meta tags, controlling viewport. So many things you can do, you will learn about them later


Nice question! These are the tags that can go into a head tag:

  • [<title>]
  • [<style>]
  • [<base>]
  • [<link>]
  • [<meta>]
  • [<script>]
  • [<noscript>]

The style tag is used for CSS properties. The base tag is used for defining URL for relative links. The link tag is used to define a link and its external resource. The meta tag provides metadata about the HTML document. Metadata will not be displayed on the page, but will be machine parsable. The srcipt tag is for JavaScript code. The noscript tag defines an alternate content for users that have disabled scripts in their browser or have a browser that doesn’t support script.

I hope this helps =)