/head before body

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> "I love Rubik's" </title>
<h1> Cedric </h1>
<p> I love Play with my rubik cube </p>
<p> Html is fun to learn </p>
<p> I like taco bell </P>

This is the code that I have so far and I don't understand. It keeps on telling me "Oops, try again.
Make sure your tag comes before your tag!"indent preformatted text by 4 spaces


if you edit/update your question, leave a reply so i get a notification. Your code is not visible, take the following steps to make it visible:


I was wondering why It came up that way. Thank you Now do you know how I can fix my coding error?


i only get the error that you need to make your <body></body> needs to be lowercase, if after these changes it is not working, try a different browser


Wow thank you man all I needed to do was lowercase the b like you said.