Having troubles and self doubt

Hey everyone, I just wanted to talk to some devs and people in the same boat as me and hopefully pull myself out of a rut!

I’m 22% into my front-end engineer course, prior to this I have no coding experience.

I’ve been getting on really well and flying through the course however I’ve suddenly gone very foggy and feel like everything I’ve learnt has became muddled up in my head. Has anyone had a similar experience? I guess its fairly normal to have a bit of an overworked feeling when learning something as intense and detailed as software development, or at least I hope.

Maybe worth noting I am working as a mechanical engineer full-time and doing this on my evenings, so I’m usually pretty tired by the time my laptops fired up.

any tips or advice is very welcome!

Thanks for reading:)


Being overwhelmed and feeling like one’s brain is a sieve is normal (and definitely frustrating).
Perhaps take a little more time, rather that speed through the course material(?) Make sure the concepts you’re learning are solidified before moving on to the next lesson. You’re not racing against anyone and you (everyone) should go at their own pace. If you’re stuck, post your formatted code and ask questions here. There are people of all skill levels who will try to help if they can. :slight_smile:
Also, practice on your own. Create your own projects. Write the code and break it to figure out how it works. Sometimes taking notes with code examples is also helpful.


Thank you Lisa, I appreciate your words! I was getting flustered with grid and flexbox and the concept of using both together, however after a couple days of revising and YouTube videos I feel like its finally making sense:) I’ve got a couple practice projects I’m doing, which do definitely help applying it all to a real world application. I’ve gone through 2 notepads so far already so I agree notes definitely help!

Thank you for the advice, nice to know I wasn’t alone! Didn’t really expect anyone to see this thread, so again thank you for helping me cheer up :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been working as a web developer for years and often still feel like this :sweat_smile:

I agree with @lisalisaj about reviewing a bit more, practicing projects and slowing down sometimes.

Also sometimes it’s a kind of imposter syndrome thing for me where my thoughts are out of line with the truth and I do actually know some things! So taking time to take note of how far you’ve come might help too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey there Jack, good that you make use of this forum to get input from others on some feelings you might have about your progress. Like you I am often trying to learn new things outside of my normal job and that can be overwhelming indeed, especially if you start learning when you are already tired.

Just like Lisa said, try to adjust your tempo in a way that helps the new information sink in and solidify before moving on. The race is only with yourself and slow and steady will get you to that finish line and might cause less doubt about the things you encounter along the journey.

Although it can be difficult sometimes, applying your lessons to a practicing project can help the puzzle pieces fall into place. And just like Grace mentioned, most of us from time to time will feel a bit of that imposter syndrome, so reflect on the steps you have taken to assure yourself that you have indeed made progress.

Good luck and have fun on your journey, you got this!


Thank you for the kind words Grace! I’ve just completed my first project, just a basic website for a friends barbershop, definitely helped me solidify some niggles! I’m taking 2 weeks off the course to go over everything I’ve learnt and make 1 or 2 websites to practice, seems to be helping so far:)


Thank you for the reply! It’s definitely tricky to learn something like software dev in your spare time, juggling a full-time job and a relationship in there too, but I seem to be over this hump now.

I’ve adjusted my tempo and feel much better, great advice from everyone that’s replied and i truly appreciate your words:)

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Keep going, don’t give up. :slight_smile: