Having trouble


I am having trouble with lesson 13:Comparisons.


Awesome! Well we're here to help, Can I get you to do a couple things for me?

  1. Copy paste your current code into a comment like so

    <put your code here> //Put it between backticks like I have here!

    You can find the back-ticks underneath the tilde key " ~ " before the number 1 on your keyboard.

  2. Add any error code you're getting when you submit your code! This will help us narrow down our search for the problem.

  3. I know you're new so just take your time with it, usually the answer is right in front of you and it's just hard to see, so could you take a look another look at your code for me and re-read the instructions? Sometimes that's all you need to do!

As soon as you reply I'll come back and check up on it with you!