Having trouble styling a submit button on my form

so I hit this hiccup on my first project. So i’m creating a form and when I create the button element to sign up it displays to the side instead of the bottom. I fixed this by creating a flex container and using Margin-top: auto to place it on the bottom; but now the button stretches the entire form and ignores my other css properties. How do i fix this?



Please furnish a screenshot to illustrate the effect, if you have not already solved this.

<button type="submit">Sign Up</button>

Just a thought:

Since your form does have an action, you could just use an input control with a submit type.

input[type=submit] {


You can still style it, but it should remain an inline element so it stays on the same line as the other controls.


Is your server configured to parse HTML as PHP by default? How else would that page be able to handle the POSTDATA in the query string?