Having trouble restarting Front-End Engineer career path - possible bug?

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone could help me in case they’ve come across this issue as well.

I was on the Web Development career path, but have decided to restart on the new Front-End Engineer path. I’ve reset my progress, but for some reason when I click start to go from the beginning again, it’s trying to put me in 3.Improved Styling With CSS ‘Learn CSS: Documentation and Debugging’.

Has anyone else had this issue? Can anyone suggest anything? I’ve tried resetting progress a few times. I’ve also tried skipping through the exercise to see if it would then put me back to the beginning but it just carries on the course from that point.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Grace! Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: I’ve just taken a look at your account, and it appears that you are now able to start from the beginning of the Front-end Engineer path. Can you confirm?