Having trouble getting data from state with hooks

Experimenting with hooks as they seem way less confusing than classes. setState is stored in the userReviews variable and the state is set to a data file which is basically an array of objects. The state is there, but when I use the map method to render my jsx to the page there is nothing to be found. Whats going wrong and how can I fix this.


import React, {useState} from 'react';
import data from './data';
import InputReviews from './InputReviews.js';

const Reviews = () => {

  const [userReviews] = useState(data)

return (


  {userReviews.map( () => (








      <InputReviews />




export default Reviews;

screenshot of state in my reviews component:
Screenshot (10)

Hi ## Paine8887,

try to use some name for the map’s method parameter instead of void parenthesis and curly braces: