Having trouble fixing my header


Anybody know what I might be doing wrong here?


You haven't put in the curly brackets ( { } ) on most of it. Fixing that should work, good luck!


Yes, that did it! Thank you very much. :smile:


Told ya so :stuck_out_tongue:


It's always helpful to have someone help "double-check" your work!! Great work peoples. :+1:



Getting very frustrated here.. Please help? I do not know what I have done wrong?


headers (heading elements) are html elements. Your css looks fine, but this problem is html related, are you sure you included headings in your html? SCT is mean in this exercise, you need at least one heading without any attributes


Shot for the quick response. This is my HTML..


i don't see any heading elements (h1 till h6) remember?


Ah ha! Sorry I never knew I moved on to a new exercise and didn't see the new set of instructions.. Fixed now. Thanks a lot.. I think that is enough coding for today!:smile:



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