Having trouble assigning different functions to parameters of other functions. Need some help

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Hello! I’m trying to create a Rock, Paper, Scissors program. I’m having some difficulty on the last steps where you can get the messages of who one/lost to print (i.e if a computer plays ‘Scissors’ and I play ‘Rock,’ the console will print: You Won!) I created the code, but I’m not sure how to assign the [codebyte]thePlayer[/codebyte] and the [codebyte]theComputer[codebyte] functions to the [codebyte] getUserChoice, getComputerChoice[codebyte] parameters of the [codebyte]winner [codebyte] function without it giving an error. Thanks! https://www.codecademy.com/workspaces/63117aff7b93e12c7b9ed46e

console.log(thePlayer('Scissors')); let theComputer = computerChoice => { switch (Math.floor(Math.random(computerChoice) * 3)) { case 0: return 'Compuer: Rock'; break; case 1: return 'Computer: Paper'; break; case 2: return 'Computer: Scissors'; break; } } console.log(theComputer(3)); let winner = (getUserChoice, getComputerChoice) => { if(getUserChoice === 'Rock' && getComputerChoice === 'Scissors' || getUserChoice === 'Paper' && getComputerChoice === 'Rock' && getUserChoice === 'Scissors' && getComputerChoice === 'Paper') { return 'You Win!'; } else{ return 'Computer Wins!' } if(getUserChoice === getComputerChoice) { return 'Draw!'; } }

Hi Ajax,

Not sure if you have already resolved this or not. The key is to look at the error. In this case it is clearly showing you that you have a reference error:


ReferenceError: thePlayer is not defined

The reference error indicates that you are trying to access a variable that in this case doesn’t exist. You could resolve this a number of ways. The simplest might be just assigning a value to thePlayer before attempting to log it to the console.

const thePlayer = 'Scissors';