Having problems with the Dog constructor, 9/13


I´m in step 9 of the dog class. It says to create a bark method and call it inside the main methid in the class. That´s exactly what I did and even the console shows the text I programmed my dog spike to say: Woof. Even though I did it correctly, it still says I did something wrong and won´t let me continue


I believe you didn't close your class properly. Close the class first, then make the main() function.


Do you mean moving the last "}" on the bottom to above the main method?
If so, I just tried and it still says something is wrong. In fact, 3 new errors appear. I dont know what could possibly be wrong


Ok thanks for the help. Must be a bug or something, I´ll try reporting it, again. I tried copying your code and it worked, thanks again. This is really weird though because mine was the same


There is nothing wrong with your code just trying switching your "W" in Woof to lower case.