Having Problems with Step 4? There is nothing wrong with your views


Several others have had issues with Outbox 2 displaying views. It turns out to be an issue with the mini-browser, so I wanted to clarify what's going wrong here.

Step 4 states the following:

View the result by visiting http://localhost:8000 in the browser:

When you visit/outbox, a view is constructed by injecting views/home.html into the <div ng-view></div> in index.html.
Likewise, when you click on an email, a view is constructed by injecting views/email.html into <div ng-view></div>.

When we append /outbox to http://localhost:8000 it gives us a 404. Likewise, since our .otherwise redirects to /outbox, typing in any random thing also leads to a 404. This has led people to believe that there is a problem with their code.

If you ignore the instructions and complete the next step, you will see all of the individual emails work fine--but the mini-browser's URL will still be http://localhost:8000 and still neither displays /outbox nor the subsequent IDs, e.g. /outbox/1, /outbox/2.

After you complete the project, if you would like to see for yourself how the URL is supposed to look, download the project locally (maintaining all the directories, of course) and deploy it to a free host such as BitBalloon.

Check the URLs in the example here, especially when you visit individual emails. Notice the ID change for each one.


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