Having problem with Question 4 (HELP PLS)

Having problem with Question 4 (HELP PLS)

1.In between the parentheses of System.out.println(); type any single character of your choice. Make sure it’s enclosed in single quotes!

i’ve added this code :System.out.println(‘A’); but still having problem

That line of code looks okay to me…

Is there an error message? Could you possibly show us all of the code you’re trying to run?

Did you type one character in single quotes? Use the example to help you.

Mind taking a screenshot for me?

That’s quite strange…

One thing I did pick up on - and I’m not sure if it’s just me - but at the top it reads as public class DataTypesC. So that’s one thing that could be confusing it…

I’m not sure, try refreshing or closing out and opening the course again - if you haven’t already.

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