Having problem with Lists within Lists

The error message says: Oops, try again. Make sure you have at least one unordered list inside your unordered list of profile sections!
I thought I did have the requirements, at least according to the Hint tab. What should I do?
I’ve posted my code below that I guess I’m having problems with.

<ul> Here are some of my interests
    	        <li>Spending money</li>
    	        <li>Jordan Collins</li>
    	        <ol> Here are my top favorite things

from what i can see, you only have a ordered list (<ol>) in your unodered list (<ul>) but no unordered list (<ul>) in a unordered list (<ul>), just like the error says

Oops! Thanks for the tip, didn’t quite understand what the text said I guess.

Thanks! I had the same problem. :slightly_smiling:

Hello! i have the same problem! i try with all possibilities, with unordered list in an ordered, etc.

Hi maoti64! Did you resolve the problem? I tray with all possibilities too.

@maoti64, posting full answers is not according to the guidelines, yes you can post the code, but only if the rest of your answer is explaining the code

hello, i understand.
i try this exercice yesterday with a very short code and it worked easily.
i made an ordered list into an unordered list.Each one with one name.
But when i try this exercice for the first time i made many different code version and it worked finally.

i need help cannot set up the ul between ul

try to set up an ol in an ul

Hi, I did this thousand times, ul in a ul, ol in a ol, ul in a ol, etc. It works when I made:

one ul inside an ol
one ol inside an ul
and one ul inside an ul


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