Having difficulty grasping the basics of JavaScript

Hey guys/ladies,

I’m currently on the Web Development path and just finished with the “Getting Started with JavaScript” course. It covers the basics of Variables, Conditionals and Functions.

However, I’m finding difficulty grasping the Conditionals and Functions (I mostly get Variables). For example, when I’m on the Pro projects for each of them as part of the course, I’m at a total loss of what and when to use any particular syntax. I even went through the cheatsheets for them and reviewing/ taking questionnaire practices every day and it still doesn’t help much.

With the HTML & CSS, I don’t seem to have this problem like I do with JavaScript.

I’m even feeling skeptical of moving on along my Web Development path as I know there’s going to be much more JavaScript later and they’ll be at a much higher difficulty level than these basics and I know if I don’t get these now, I’m going to have a really hard time later on.

Are there any guides or tips you guys could provide/ advice that could help me get a good grasp of these basics? Or should I just repeat and keep going through the lessons for them until I get it?

Welcome to the forums @bernstrom!!

I find the best way to really grasp a concept is practicing it yourself.
I would go a step farther than doing the codecademy lessons by writing your own program on your computer. Try finding a way to use every concept you’ve learned.

For practicing Web designing I’ve been building a cheetsheet for all the code languages I know.
Could be a good project for practice because you can also access it if internet goes out and you can’t go online for reference.

Take your time and be paitent, your ability to go fast will gradually develop. I learned that the hard way by rushing through the Python course. I didn’t give my self enough time to grasp it and had to come back and do it again later.

Don’t lose hope, if you stick with it and have an interest in coding you should get good at it. :grinning:


What @8-bitgaming says is very good. There is also a JavaScript course, if you wanted more structured practise with JavaScript.


Hey @8-bitgaming, thanks for the warm welcome! :slight_smile:

That’s actually a great idea for practicing any coding languages that I’m not very strong in, because I’ll get to practice building websites while at the same time recalling all the various syntax code I’ve learnt up to this day while building the cheatsheet.

Thanks a lot for the encouragement and I have no intention of giving up, hence why I’m on the forums asking for guidance and suggestions.


Hey @tera5288723178, thanks for suggesting that course. I know Codecademy has a separate JavaScript course but I’ve always thought the course content and structure is the same as the one in the Web Development career path.

I’ll check it out, thanks!

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