Having a python typeError issue with this short script ive wrote on line 11

import random

print("\nRandom Food Generator")
firstName = input("\nwhat is your first name: ")
lastName = input("\nwhat is your last name: ")

print("\nHello, ", firstName, lastName) 
hungerStatus = input("are you hungry?: Y/N ")

if hungerStatus == "y" or hungerStatus == "Y":
    print("\n",firstName, lastName,"What would you like to eat? ",)
    print('\npizza', '\nfruit salad', '\ntuna', '\ncurrant slice')

    foodOptions = input["pizza", "fruit salad", "tuna", "currant slice"]

    choiceOfFood = input("")

    print("\nYou are not hungry")

if choiceOfFood == foodOptions:

Have you looked at that line? Is that what you intended to write with input? What is your intention here, might be worth a view of How to ask good questions (and get good answers)

Yes that is what i intended to write with input. It worked for over a month but now it gets a typeError at line 17

I’m not sure there was any version of Python where that would work. The error is there for a reason, you’re doing something that can’t be done, you cannot use input like that; it’s intended to be used as a callable, e.g. input() or input("prompt text").

What is foodOptions supposed to be here, what is your intention?

foodOptions is a list. Thank you, ive found my error, you were correct. i must of added that input without realising at some point

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