Having a hard time installing pythong and pipenv

So I am watching this video: https://www.codecademy.com/paths/computer-science/tracks/cspath-python-objects/modules/cspath-modules/videos/learn-python3-pipenv

And I went to the main python site in order to download and install Python 3 (I have python 3.8.2 installed). When I went through the video to install the Pipenv through the command prompt it told me it did not know what the Python command is. I am confused and I need help. I must having a fully functional python IDE (or whatever) on my computer to perform these projects. I really need to get this stuff moving. What am I doing wrong?

This may be completely off the cuff, but here is a topic where some of the workings became evident.

Configuring MSYS2 with Numpy

I ended up not configuring MSYS2, but installing a fresh latest version of Python (at the time) and then setting up a stable installation. Use this and what you can find through diligent searching and reading.That’s the best I can offer. I have no need for pipenv and won’t be following this up, so you know.

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Sorry for the delay.

Thanks for the answer. I will look into the link