Haven't got any course competition certificate

I’ve completed the python 3 full course with pro membership but haven’t got any certificate yet.


Visit your profile by Clicking on your Avatar and then selecting “My Profile.” You will be able to see the courses you have completed. On the right side, you should see the “View Certificate” link which corresponds to the very course you have completed.

For every course you have completed, there’s a “View Certificate” link on the right side for that course. Simply click on any of the links to see the desired certificate.

Below the certificate, you have button options for printing your certificate or changing the name you want to appear on the certificate.


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That does not always work. I’ve been a member since 2011 and by now my list of completed courses (100% when I view them in course catalogue) is around 30. In the profile it was 16 yesterday, and I was able to bump it to 18 just by revisiting a previously completed course and clicking through an already done lesson. This seems to work sometimes but not always.

Interestingly, a course with 100% completion could still have quizzes which are not passed (score in red). When I try a new course on something I’m not completly new to, I try the quizzes first to see if I can pass them without studying, and later Codecademy does not prompt me to retake the quiz where I scored say 45% or 55% and failed.

I found a course like this. Did the quiz again (and again) to score a perfect 100% - this seemed to have no impact on whether the course was added to my profile page or not.

One thing that has worked so far (I had to do it for Paths and several courses) was contacting support. Every time (I think I needed to request this 3 or 4 times out of 16) they had to manually add the course and certificate to my profile. Yesterday I completed another course and again it did not show up in my profile, so I did the legwork, and reported all of the courses I completed over the years… I feel sorry for the support tech who now needs to manually review and add the certificates :frowning:

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