Have spent hours trying to understand "Practice makes perfect"


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I have been hours trying to complete "Practice makes perfect", but you have to know how to do it first before you can practice it.

I have tried so many ways to assign the number == 3, and calling cube(number) in various places,
my logic was always wrong resulting in all sorts of errors.

I found this 'correct coding' in the forum that reports as successful but I cannot for the life of me see any point or value to it as it does not do any thing as no number is assigned.
Where does the coding get a number from for it to work? Why doesn't it print "something" etc.

What is the point when no explanation is given?

Please help, I need to understand it because it is driving me potty.


function parameters (number) in your case, are placeholders until you call the function:


now the argument (15) gets copied into the function parameter, and you should have correct output


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