Hate this forum layout!

Dear moderators,

This forum is ridiculous! I can’t find the help I need, and I find navigating through this forum menu to be totally tedious and unnecessarily complicated. Yes, I know you have a premium service I could pay for to get help, but I don’t want to do that. I just want to have each challenge have its own discussion. If I’m stuck on something, all I want to do is see things DIRECTLY RELATED TO THAT CHALLENGE AND THAT CHALLENGE ONLY! For example, check the ‘discussion’ area for the challenges on HackerRank, they look straight-forward and easy to use, easy to search. One discussion area per challenge, simple, done. This forum is straight up unusable now. I feel like it looks different than it did a few weeks ago, and you’ve gone from bad to worse. Bad enough to want to find another site to learn from as opposed to dealing with this non-functional forum.


I agree.

I can’t even see any of my previous topics i’ve made!

It’s really so hard to pick a category from the list?


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t try to be mean, I am really curious.

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Hey Wesley,

I’m still getting used to the new forums too. They can be more confusing than the old forums, but if you access them through an exercise in a course you’ll only see the forum for that exercise, just like the old forums.
But I think you’re overlooking the advantages, for example you can now find all of your forum activity easily, the new forums are less buggy, you can DM other people, etc…

Harry - Go to your profile, and you can see all of your posts.