Hate this forum layout!


Dear moderators,

This forum is ridiculous! I can't find the help I need, and I find navigating through this forum menu to be totally tedious and unnecessarily complicated. Yes, I know you have a premium service I could pay for to get help, but I don't want to do that. I just want to have each challenge have its own discussion. If I'm stuck on something, all I want to do is see things DIRECTLY RELATED TO THAT CHALLENGE AND THAT CHALLENGE ONLY! For example, check the 'discussion' area for the challenges on HackerRank, they look straight-forward and easy to use, easy to search. One discussion area per challenge, simple, done. This forum is straight up unusable now. I feel like it looks different than it did a few weeks ago, and you've gone from bad to worse. Bad enough to want to find another site to learn from as opposed to dealing with this non-functional forum.


I agree.

I can't even see any of my previous topics i've made!


It's really so hard to pick a category from the list?


Don't get me wrong, I don't try to be mean, I am really curious.


Hey Wesley,

I'm still getting used to the new forums too. They can be more confusing than the old forums, but if you access them through an exercise in a course you'll only see the forum for that exercise, just like the old forums.
But I think you're overlooking the advantages, for example you can now find all of your forum activity easily, the new forums are less buggy, you can DM other people, etc..

Harry - Go to your profile, and you can see all of your posts.