Haskell Tutorial

I was looking on Codecademy for any kind of Haskell, Rust, or some assembly lang tutorial, but I could not seem to find any.
Does Codecademy have any tutorials for those languages? If not, the need to add one.
I am trying to learn Haskell to better understand many things that may help me in making my own programming language.
Where can I find a good tutorial for Haskel?

Hello @hudsonaverygouge, welcome to the forums! As far as I know, there aren’t any assembly type languages that CC teaches. This website offers a tutorial on Haskell, which may be quite good.

I’ve moved this into community >> suggestions; features and course requests.

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As @codeneutrino said, there are presently no courses on Codecademy for Haskell, Rust or Assembly.

This topic has been moved to the right section, though; who knows, these courses may appear at some point in the future.