Hashes and Symbols 15/15

I don’t see if I got something wrong, even the output seems to be correct.

Gnarf, nevermind - Using puts instead of print did it.

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Ha, I did the same thing, had to read your post to see this too! Sometimes staring at the same code for hours you just miss the little things…

Thanks for that! It help a lot…

That doesn’t help me at all for some reason they say “oops try again.”

never mind it had to reload

That’s because good_movies.select {|name, movie_ratings| movie_ratings > 3} - is what you want, but it’s just a copy of good_movies. If you were to call variable good_movies you’d see that it didn’t change - it still contains all of the movies. Use bang! methods to modify the original object.

@deus Please read the reply that I wrote before.

Cheers for that…!
It’s all about reading the instructions properly.

movie_ratings.each_key { |k| puts k, " " }

thats my code. i says:

“(wrong number of arguments (given 2, expected 1)”

but if i use print instead of puts its working somehow.