Hashes and Symbol 10/15


On exercise 10, even though I get the code and the output right,
I get a red error message like the following:

[:HTML, :CSS, :JavaScript, :Python, :Ruby]
(test):10: warning: found = in conditional, should be ==

I do not understand why I get the output correct,
but still get the error msg.

My code looks like the following:
strings = [“HTML”, “CSS”, “JavaScript”, “Python”, “Ruby”]

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symbols = []
strings.each do |s|
s1 = s.intern

print symbols


Unable to reproduce this error. The message makes no sense since there is no conditional (unless it has something to do with the SCT). Perhaps try a hard refresh and Run again, or try a different browser.

It’s possible I’m checking the wrong lesson…


Please post a link to the exercise you are on (and remember to do this every time you have a question relating to a lesson). Thanks.


Worked when I refreshed it. Thanks.


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