Has PRO affected lots of coders?

It seems like codecademy has become less… cheap then when I first joined codecademy back when I had my old account in 2006. What do you think?
Most people have started to notice it too.


Hello, and welcome back to Codecademy!

Pro is necessary for Codecademy to have free courses at all. There are still a lot of free courses here. Yes, it has made some people go Pro, and most liked having Pro.

Here is something to look at:


I haven’t heard too many complaints here on Codecademy. I’ve seen about 5 complain posts if even that. Codecademy just money to pay for the website.

Its still free I can assure you that, but there are still informative and free courses here. C++ was recently added to Codecademy as a free course. So they are still adding free courses here, and not just Pro.

I haven’t been here long, but it seems like there are a lot of Pro courses, but enough free that is well worth staying here on free. I’m hoping to go Pro later on when I really need it for education.