Has HTML & CSS Been Updated


When I go to this link for learning HTML & CSS https://www.codecademy.com/learn/web it says that this course is old and will be taken down soon.

Yet there is another HTML & CSS course that is titled a little differently herehttps://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-html-css . Is this the new course? I don't want to learn the old one when I may lose my progress, but I'm unsure of how to confirm if the other course is the new one and won't be taken down.

If anyone knows the answer to this it would be much appreciated, as I'd like to learn HTML and CSS as soon as possible to finish my JavaScript course. Thanks


Yes @finntom,

The other HTML & CSS course entitled Learn HTML & CSS: Part I is infact the new one that is based on HTML5 and CSS3 syntax.


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