Has anyone ever watch programming tutorial on youtube?

Has anyone ever thought about watching programming tutorial on youtube?

yep, i have. Sometimes they contain useful information. Why you ask?

Because I want to know if anybody does that cause I did, and I thought I was the only one who did that. It helps me on my lesson so anytime I don’t understand the instruction I go on youtube and see how it look like, so I think it might be very useful, and I wish they are more programming tutorial video on youtube, or at least someone has to do a programming tutorial video. I think programming tutorial is a good thing because anytime I get stuck on the part I don’t understand then I go on youtube and find the answers. I suggest they need to do it IMO.

Oh specifically for the codecademy exercises? I wouldn’t personally do that, but that is just my opinion

I watch youtube videos if i need to see how something works, but then i always change it to implement it in my own program, to ensure i understand

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