Harry Potter themed Gamebook - JS Final


After about 2 weeks of pain i can finally share my final javascript project: https://jsfiddle.net/tomegz/4onr7p65/10/ . It's Harry Potter themed Gamebook. The game is not too long, and doesn't include any fighting mode, but has some other things, like items etc. I focused a lot on visual experience, I didn't want prompt based game. Site of course uses jQuery to manipulate the DOM. The last thing i did today is adding media queries in css so the site doesn't 'brake' on small devices.
What I like about my work:
-i'm quite happy with visual side,
-making the site a little resposive to screen size,
-i'm happy with many parts of JS code
What I don't like:
-the parts of code handling game logic. In the middle of work i realized there MUST be a better way to add more logic into the game, maybe more object oriented... I don't know, but it seems like a lot of work to put another "chapter' or 'quest' into the game and it doesn't feel intuitive,
-another thing that gives me ■■■■ is CSS, I feel like I need to practice a lot.

I hope I can get some feedback from you guys, especially what I could've done better!


Try writing out your project first before diving in to coding it. Your insight came afterwards which is good. Just keep that kind of thing in your mind in the future when you go to make another. Think about building a cohesive tool system. Proper structure and commenting creates a world of ease.


Definately going to keep that in mind before the next project. This is also a great advice for others who didn't start yet :). It's better to first think at first and then implement, not the other way around.