Hard to change from JUNIOR software dev to web dev?

Hey guys!

I’ve got a question regarding a career choice. I’m currently in a recruitment process for a Bootcamp in Sweden. It’s a 3 months boot camp and I can chose wether I want to focus on C#.NET or Java (things you’ll learn in the bootcamp is object oriented programming, version control with Git/Github, data structures and algorithms, introduction to SQL and databases, introduction to CSS, HTML, JavaScript and HTTP). I believe that this bootcamp is a good way for me to change my career completely from my current field and get in to IT. The good thing about this is that if I get accepted to it I’ll get a monthly salary of 3.2k USD (less than my current salary but still decent) and I’ll be a consultant for the company that provides the boot camp for 12 months so I’m forced to work through them for 12 months basically. This is a way for me to repay the cost of the bootcamp, which is “free” as long as I work as a consultant for them for 12 months. After 12 months they count it as I’ve repayed my “debt” to them for the bootcamp and I’ll be free to take whatever job I want.

Now to my question:
If I chose C#.NET (and learn the very basics of CSS, HTML, JS, HTTP within the bootcamp) will I be able to get a fullstack dev job? Because as far as I’ve seen most of their former students work as software developers, system developers, junior C#/java devs and it doesn’t seem like that many work as web developers. Which doesn’t seem that weird because the bootcamp is mostly focused on back end if I understood it correctly.
But I wonder if it’s still a good choice to take that route and get on the boot camp, get a job as a software dev for a year and then try to change to a web development job? Or will it be hard for me to get a job as a web developer with the skills I get at a boot camp that focuses on software dev backend programming?