Handy shortcut

So when I sat down and tried some shortcuts on my Windows machine I noticed that:
"ctrl + ’ "
(that’s a single quote btw.) have an interesting feature!

It makes a line I have written with one keystroke, to a comment!
i.e. if I write:
And then hit "ctrl + ’ "
I then get this automatically written
<–blabalbalabalb–> with a ! - didn’t get through otherwise
and in Js

and same with css

When I tried it on my mac it didn’t work though… Nothing happened actually so, is there a way to implement that on a mac somewhere in editors?
This works for both sublime and Vs code! :smiley:

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These sound like text-editor specific shortcut.

you could search something like: macOS vscode toggle comment.

Which gave me a cheatsheet:

seems to be ⌘/ to toggle comment (that is: mac key + /).

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Okay, its:
“shift + / + cmd”

I just hit
“cmd + 7”

I looked at the windows cheatsheet and I can’t find it there either!
It does work though… Same, same but different
O well, now I know :smiley:
Thx a lot, hope you have a great weekend!

Often these shortcuts can also be configured, you can change the keybinding/key mapping.

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Nice, thx!
Will def set that up for my mac :smiley: