Hamburg - Learn together

Hey, i am Basti from Hamburg, there is no Hamburg Chapter at codecademy. So maybe other people from Hamburg ended up here? I am searching for people to learn together in Hamburg. Feel free to contact me!


Heya, welcome to the forums!

For code buddying, you’ll generally be best on one of our other community spaces, the Codecademy Discord server, rather than these forums due to its less formal, more conversational nature :slightly_smiling_face:

You can get to it via Codecademy Community or from the “Chat” button on the header.

Happy coding!


Hi Basti. You can create your own chapter for Hamburg if you are interested, why not? :wink:
Actually Chapters are mostly virtual and people from other countries can participate there as well.
Or would you like to meet face-to-face?

Hey, yes i thought about to create an chapter but i was overhelmed to host an event every month. You have some experience what kind of events it must be ?

No, unfortunately I am also quite new to this theme. Just signed up for one chapter to see how it goes :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
At the moment there are only two chapters in Germany. And I would also be interested in creating another one. But in order to do so, I plan to at least make some tangible progress in my career path and visit several chapters in other countries.

Ah ok cool, so you are also from Germany? Which Carrer Path do you follow?

Yes, Schleswig-Holstein is in touch. :wave:
I am trying out the path of a front-end engineer.

Oh cool - a warm welcome and hi from Schleswig-Holstein near Kiel then! I followed the discussion of you two because I have same questions about how to get some teamwork up and growing.

I actually do the career path Full Stack DEV but am also interested in many other themes. Maybe we can get started something together?


Welcome to coding what language are u interested in??

Hi, well I kinda like them all :smiley: Nah…Java/JavaScript, Python mainly I guess. I would say it´s a question of purpose. In terms of web design I am of course getting along with HTML/CSS, PHP. You?

Me to i want to learn how to do a lot so i can be a programmer for a job! :grinning: