how to be a hacker help me

Might start with figuring out what the word means, “hacker” is very vague

Hackers are a close-knit community that play their cards very close to their chest. They are not wont to shed any light on your request. Moreover they will simply say to spend the same time they did acquiring their skills. It is not something that anybody can just give you.


Hi Surayasm,

I know this is from 2018 and I don’t even know if you’re on this platform anymore, but I felt the need to respond to this anyway. I am disappointed at the responses you had gotten. They were unhelpful.

I think it’s safe to assume you’re wanting to know how to become an ethical hacker (white hat hacker). These hackers hack into company systems legally in order to discover vulnerabilities and fix them. The alternative, black-hat hacking, or unethical hacking, would be illegal. And contrary to what “mtf” states, there are many experienced ethical hackers, whose knowledge can rival those engaged in unethical hacking, who would be willing to shed light on your request. There are many training materials on how to become an ethical hacker.

First and foremost, to be an ethical hacker, you’re going to need to have a in-depth understanding of network infrastructure; how servers work, how routing and switching works, as well as what various ports and protocols (like TCP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, etc.) do. Once you’ve gotten that knowledge you then want to start diving into some Python programming so you can build tools to help you exploit systems. In fact, I would just do the Computer Science path here at Codecademy. It teaches you Python, as well as the thereotical side of computer science, such as data structures & algorithms, along with computer architecture, and database fundamentals. Doing this will make you a much better ethical hacker. Once you’ve done it, then you can start learning cybersecurity fundamentals. Codecademy now has some Cybersecurity content, so I would start that. They also have an intro to ethical hacking currently in development.

For additional training, I would look into Hackthebox.com or Tryhackme.com. These are pretty good cybersecurity platforms and are largely focused on ethical hacking/penetration testing. They have guided training paths, but they also provide a massive sandbox environment for you to play around with and get hands-on experience on ethical hacking. Some of the content is free on these platforms, but it’s worth it to get the subscription. It is cheap (around $10 a month, maybe less.) These platforms allow you to compete with other users, too. They have all kinds of fun challenges and such. And have leaderboards!

Hope this helps, if you’re still around and even see this.