Hacking the Fender - passwords.csv is empty

I’m working on the Hacking the Fender problem and after getting an empty list no matter what I do I discovered I can open the ‘password.csv’ file that I’m supposed to be reading usernames from. When I open the file it’s completely blank.

Can someone provide that file for me?

Here’s my code and a link to the project so far for reference:


import csv

compromised_users = []

with open('passwords.csv') as password_file:

  password_csv = password_file.read()

  for row in password_csv:


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What about simply resetting the project (should be near the RUN/SAVE button) though I’d suggest reading the prompt to make sure it’s only resetting that project.

Could you please provide a link to the project to accompany your query.


Resetting the project worked. Didn’t realize that was an option until you suggested it.

Thank you


Hi guys! here’s the link to my code. I’d like you to have look and tell me of any mistake a made. Thanks in advance!

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