[HACKATHON] Twitch Channel Points - Deadline March 29

Another interesting hackathon for all of us! You are all probably very familiar with what Twitch is, no introductions needed. What you might have not known is about their API and how many things it enables! If you are interested in APIs and back-end tech, definitely worth looking into this

Bring new viewing experiences to Twitch with the Channel Points API

Channel Points have become a core part of how communities interact on Twitch. Rewards, especially custom rewards created by a broadcaster, are now an important way for communities to celebrate their unique culture and identity.

With the addition of the Channel Points API and EventSub’s real-time events webhook access that was announced in November, Twitch integrations can programmatically manage and fulfill custom rewards that viewers can use to influence the content of a stream. This provides a great opportunity for the developer community to build the most innovative interactive experiences for broadcasters and viewers on Twitch.

What to build

Create a custom Channel Points integration using the Twitch Channel Points API that can help broadcasters engage their audience. Your integration must fit one of the two categories:

⦿ Games Integrations : Allow a broadcaster’s audience to redeem Channel Points for in-game interactions.

⦿ Broadcaster Tools : Allow a broadcaster’s audience to redeem Channel Points for interactions with the broadcaster’s stream components.

What to submit

➤ Demo video. Your video should be around 3 minutes long and include a demo of your working application for the judges. (Videos must be made publicly visible).

✐ Access to your integration. Include a Channel Points integration that is publicly accessible on a website to download and test (e.g. Github, GitLab, BitBucket, web page, file sharing)

:ballot_box_with_check: Complete submission form. Include all of the required fields on your Devpost submission form BEFORE the final deadline on March 29, 2021 at 5pm EST.



Individuals, and teams of individuals, must have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry. Government officials, corporations, and employees of Twitch or Devpost are not eligible to win prizes, but may submit projects. See full rules for further restrictions.