HACKATHON - Microsoft Azure US Hack for Accessibility [Feb 12-Mar 15]

I got an email from DEVPOST promoting this upcoming Hackathon! I know that most of us are still learning and this probably sounds like too much, but you never know! Drop a comment below if you would be willing to get a team together and maybe we can figure it out. Learning Microsoft Azure is always a plus in any resume!

Microsoft Azure US Hack for Accessibility

Grow your cloud skills and harness the power of Azure, with services like AI, to amplify human capability for more than one billion people around the world with a disability.

Microsoft U.S. invites you to use your creativity, passion, and cloud expertise to create an Azure-powered solution in education to empower people living with a disability. This hackathon will specifically focus on accessibility, education, and technology. Projects should be deeply informed by the experience of people with disabilities – whether they are members of a hackathon team or consulted throughout the process.



Developers of all backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to submit projects. Individuals, and teams of individuals, must all be legal residents of the fifty United States (including the District of Columbia), and 18 years of age or older.

Main requirement

Build an application prototype with Azure for and with people with disabilities in the context of education. The application should be functional with real or sample data.



I would potentially be interested- sounds like a great experience! I’m beginner in Python and have no experience with Azure though

I’d be interested as I’ve never been to one before. Oh its US only :frowning:

I am very interested as this is the area I hope to eventually land a job in. However, I am still a relative newbie and have not used Azure at all. I’m going to start looking at the info provided and looking into Azure, but if others are interested in making a team, please contact me.

@code3320399973 and @rebeccaeng3706049794 : sounds like you both would like to participate in some online events! Have you checked MLH (Major League Hacking) for other competitions? Maybe you can find something that is a better fit for your current coding level :smiley: