Hack4Humanity type competition / event?

Quite recently, the CEOs of a few respectable and serious websites, services, and apps hosted an event on reddit that they called Hack4Equality, with “hack” being used as it’s literal definition. (The thread can be found here for anyone interested).

There are tons of problems in our world, and they can all be fixed and diluted if people just took the time to help others and cared about humanity.

I think it would be interesting if codecademy hosted an event where they had any user who was interested come up with an idea, brainstorm a problem, etc. and create an application, website, etc. that aided in whatever it is they plan on endeavouring on.

For example, a family in poverty could find an application that helped guide them on how to better save and spend their money useful.

Any critiques and comments are greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Well I think the idea on paper is really good. Obviously companies and websites are really starting to utilize their resources and communities to do such events or “competitions” to help others in need or to raise money for a cause. However, that takes a lot of planning, money, and organizing to accomplish. Not saying it wouldn’t be worth the cause just saying if it ain’t on the horizon right now for codecademy it probably will have to wait or be just an idea for another time. I think right now, in just guessing from my own personal opinion, they are focused on those new courses and updates that are coming out Quarter 4 of 2016 or Quarter 1 of 2017 :smiley: which I can’t wait for.


Well, like @bibleman13 said, I know it wouldn’t be something that happened immediately, but I disagree that it is something that should be an idea for another time. I think that this was a great idea to throw out there, especially because there is so much pain and trouble in the world. Even if CodeCademy themselves don’t work to accomplish this right now, this is something that people could even take on themselves by just looking into that thread you linked to as well as finding possible ways to use their skills and talents to help.
Thanks for posting this and spreading some awareness, I believe that the world is fueled by compassion and that there is so much we can do to help if we try.