H1 headings

while working on the Wine Festival Project (Tables Html) I noticed that there are two h1 in the code provided by Codecademy I thought there should only ever be one h1 heading.
this is the link that Codecademy provides to how the project should look when finished. If inspected it shows the two h1’s.

And you would be correct, pre-HTML5, or maybe even Web 2.0. Since its (HTML) early beginnings when a page was the assumed content at hand, it made absolute perfect sense to have but a single H1, To have more would run counter to a proper outline. Needless, today we have page divisions that are semantic and represent complete documents of their own. It makes sense they should be permitted to follow the standard outline, hence, allowed their own H1.

Oh ok, thanks for the explanation.

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Be thankful you were not around in the early days. Things are pretty much sorted out, today; and, it is just as well. Consider, though, that there is an SEO side to this story that if nothing is to be learned would still bear sitting through. I’d look it up, if I were you.

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