Guys I really need help, if someone can give an advice, please do

A year ago I decided to do abit more with my life and with all my savings I bought a 1 year pro sub. I live on the minimum wage and since corona started things are looking pretty grimm for me, but anyways, I am here for a solution, not to cry outloud. The thing is that today I had to pay my landlord the money and my card got declined, when I checked my ballance I saw that a big chunk of my rent money went to the subscription again…I wasn’t notified before this no mail no phone call, nothing. Just boom, money gone. Now, how can I apply for a refund? I mailed them on contact but still didn’t answer. On the website they say that they don’t do refunds. I am really scared because I was already late with the rent and my landlord is mad at me. I need my money back so I can go another month without getting kicked out.
If someone has a suggestion, please do share.

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Have you tried the “Contact Us” button here:

Hopefully they can help you out!

Hey @mattliv this person needs our help, it looks like!

Hey, I actually did mail them before opening this topic. Uhm…maybe I should just give them some more time to answer given the reason that they stated I need to wait up to 48 hours for an answer. I think it’s just the panic of the moment that made me try every way possible to solve this :-/. I am really sorry, I know it’s on me and I should have remembered.

Thank you very much for the fast notice, I already made a ticket on contact before opening this topic, I was just really panicked at that moment and just wanted to try all the ways. I will wait the 48h period as stated and hopefully next week it will be solved and I can pay the landlord. Thanks you again, and sorry for causing the trouble :-/ I know I should have remembered earlier to deactivate the auto subscription, I will read things more carefully next time I will do something like this.

For those that wonder, the codecademy staff was very fast and promt in dealing with my issue. They were also very understanding, thank you.

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Glad to hear it worked out :smiley:

Glad we were able to help here!

I am very sorry that this situation happened to you. I wish you a speedy solution to this problem!
I want to add on my own (from my own experience) that making a purchase with the last of your money is not always a good idea. especially if you have a job and a stable income. I somehow began to study the topic of minimum wages in the United States, and realized that for many people this is normal. By the way, I studied the material on because they write briefly on this topic here. I learned a lot of interesting things for myself and decided to focus more on sources of income. getting more money is sometimes easier than thinking about what to give up in order to save this money. that’s how i think

oh man :pensive: I’m sorry ):