Guys I really need help, if someone can give an advice, please do

A year ago I decided to do abit more with my life and with all my savings I bought a 1 year pro sub. I live on the minimum wage and since corona started things are looking pretty grimm for me, but anyways, I am here for a solution, not to cry outloud. The thing is that today I had to pay my landlord the money and my card got declined, when I checked my ballance I saw that a big chunk of my rent money went to the subscription again…I wasn’t notified before this no mail no phone call, nothing. Just boom, money gone. Now, how can I apply for a refund? I mailed them on contact but still didn’t answer. On the website they say that they don’t do refunds. I am really scared because I was already late with the rent and my landlord is mad at me. I need my money back so I can go another month without getting kicked out.
If someone has a suggestion, please do share.

Have you tried the “Contact Us” button here:

Hopefully they can help you out!

Hey @mattliv this person needs our help, it looks like!

Hey, I actually did mail them before opening this topic. Uhm…maybe I should just give them some more time to answer given the reason that they stated I need to wait up to 48 hours for an answer. I think it’s just the panic of the moment that made me try every way possible to solve this :-/. I am really sorry, I know it’s on me and I should have remembered.

Thank you very much for the fast notice, I already made a ticket on contact before opening this topic, I was just really panicked at that moment and just wanted to try all the ways. I will wait the 48h period as stated and hopefully next week it will be solved and I can pay the landlord. Thanks you again, and sorry for causing the trouble :-/ I know I should have remembered earlier to deactivate the auto subscription, I will read things more carefully next time I will do something like this.

For those that wonder, the codecademy staff was very fast and promt in dealing with my issue. They were also very understanding, thank you.

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Glad to hear it worked out :smiley:

Glad we were able to help here!