Is this a violation of the Guidelines?


no, the frequently asked question are not a violation of the guideilnes


No I understand that, what I meant was (and I was just curious) was putting completed code and asking for help allowed because I've done it before and may do it again in the future.


putting complete code is not allowed

Asking for help is allowed, otherwise this forum would be pretty pointless


Sorry what I meant was if you are asking if something is bugged is it allowed?


If you think there is a bug, then you can post your full code, just also include that: this code shouldn't have passed, is this a bug?


Ah now I see, thanks so much, I really appreciate it.


hello again nerf beard :+1:


This was a legit discussion, don't ruin it


of which i was deleted, dont play games w/ me young man.


@nerfbeard is right, this was a legit question/discussion. Don't ruin it


I am sorry, but I think there has been a confusion @stetim94 ... because @nerfbeard created this topic becasue of mr hello there posting why does this code work, something like that